Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are an indispensable component of our dynamic traffic patterns. They prompt us to slow down, to merge, to stop, and serve as a general deterrent from breaking the rules of the road and potentially hurting somebody or ourselves.

There are traffic signs that most every driver is familiar with, but more likely than not, there are signs with which they are unacquainted. Regardless whether we are likely to run into such unfamiliar signs, we should still know what they mean.

More Information is the Best Online Resource For Novice Drivers in Florida offers a great practice test for teen drivers that can help familiarize them with some of the most common and important road signs. They online service also offers practice tests for motorcyclists as well as commercial drivers.

The questions aren't too easy either. To challenge novice drivers, the test measures their knowledge by asking tricky questions and including signs they may have not already been familiar with. This prompts the test-taker to acquaint themselves with more signs, making them a more knowledgeable driver, making the streets safer for not only themselves but for others as well.