Cell Phone Laws

Cell phone laws are among the hottest topics in traffic debates currently. The correlation between texting while driving and traffic fatalities cannot be ignored. All but two states in the U.S. have statewide prohibitions for every driver regardless of age on texting and driving.

Distracted driving is a leading killer on our roads today. The unnecessary deaths that have been caused by distracted driving have prompted lawmakers to draft strict legislation discouraging the use of cellphones while driving. Click here to see the laws on cellphone use and driving in your state.

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Several states have recently implemented laws that could impact you and the way you drive. Perhaps the law with the widest reach is the prohibition of texting while driving. For instance, in 47 states, texting while driving is against the law for everyone, regardless of age.

Among those 47 states, however, there are six states that enforce only partial bans on texting while driving. Many residents and officials in these states are pressing for legislation that would prohibit all drivers from doing so. South Dakota banned texting while driving only for people who have only a restricted minor license. Arizona made the practice illegal only for school bus drivers. Oklahoma followed a similar route, but included novice drivers as well.

Alabama, likewise, banned cell phone use only for novice drivers. South Carolina has not passed legislation outlawing it either, but individuals and even mobile phone companies have addressed the hazard. AT&T launched a campaign entitled "It Can Wait," referring to text messages received while driving. Mobile phone users now have the option of having an auto-reply message sent when they receive a text while driving, or having their text messages read out loud to them.

The movement against texting and driving attracts even more attention and support when mobile service providers, themselves, encourage you to abstain from using their product. It is more important to them that you drive safe (Distraction.gov). Montana has yet to implement a statewide ban, but seven of their largest cities are currently enforcing laws against it. With the immense popularity of laws against texting while driving, one might expect that, within a few years, every state will be prohibiting it. We shall see.